Ad Lunam Labs Inc. is a privately held corporation that was founded by
Dr. William H. Beeson, M.D. and Alvin T. Rockhill.  The term "Ad Lunam"
comes from Latin and means "by the moon light."  The company was
incorporated on January 2, 2007.
Ad Lunam Labs Inc.
Ad Lunam Labs manufactures, markets, and sells new skin care products that were developed through
breakthrough discoveries made after years of research and testing.  These discoveries relate to a greatly
improved technique for delivering beneficial agents to the skin and to the novel use of extremely powerful
antioxidants in skin care.
The Officers of Ad Lunam Labs, Inc.
Mary A. Nicoloff, Corporate Secretary; Alvin T. Rockhill, President &
William H. Beeson, M.D., Executive Vice President of R & D;
Margaret A. Rockhill, Treasurer & Registered Agent
The corporate offices and headquarters of Ad Lunam
Labs are located in Henderson, Nevada.
Effulgere®, VerVeris®, and Vaha skin
rejuvenation creams contain carnosic acid (a
phenolic diterpene compound) which is a
powerful naturally occurring antioxidant.  
Carnosic acid is produced naturally by plants of
the Libiatae family, such as rosemary and
marjoram.  The leaves of these popular spices
are the source of the carnosic acid used in Ad
Lunam's skin care products.

Numerous research projects relating to new and
improved skin care products are currently
underway.  Ad Lunam is also participating in an
ongoing research project with dermatologists in a
major university trial.
Ad Lunam Labs is investigation the development of
viable systems for better delivering antioxidants,
vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other beneficial
materials deep into the skin.  Such new delivery systems
can potentially be used to attain extraordinary results in
skin appearance by a combination of firming,
moisturizing, and rejuvenating actions.

At Ad Lunam Labs we believe that continuing research
and testing is the most important key to our future.  We
are accordingly committed to continued improvement of
all our skin care products based upon the results of
ongoing research, development, and testing.
Ad Lunam Labs Inc., 121 Big Horn Avenue S., Moorcroft, WY 82721
Toll Free: (800) 258-3635  -  Telephone: (330) 666-4659  -  Facsimile: (330) 666-2561
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