Antioxidants - Antioxidants serve the antidote to free radicals by neutralizing
their detrimental effects of collagen in the skin.  For example, visualize free
radicalsas tiny darts poking holes in collagen.  Antioxidants "cleave off"
their arrowheads.  The bad news is that as we get older our bodies no
longer produce sufficient antioxidants to fight free radicals encountered in
the environment.  The good new is that there just as there are different
species of free radicals, modern science has identified and continues to
find more effective antioxidants to combat them.
Helpful Definitions
Bioflavonoids - Plant pigments having potent antioxidant powers that keep fruits and vegetables from
turning brown and which continue to act as powerful antioxidants in the body.  Bioflavonoids are
considered by some to be more effective free-radical scavengers than Vitamin C and Vitamin E.  
Rioflavonoids are also essential for the stbility and absorption of Vitamin C which is a key antioxidant and
an needed for collagen deveopment.

Citric Acid - A natrually occuring alpha hydroxy acid derived from fermented sugars of citrus fruits.  Citric
acid helps to speed up cell turnover/cell nenewal.

Free Radicals - Chamicals that destroy collagen and causes wrinkle lines, and other kinds of skin damage.
New research shows that there are at least two differnet kinds of free radicals that dammage the skin -
those triggered by the body (metabotic) and those speaked by the sun and other evnironmental
aggressors, such as pollution and smoke.  Both kinds function like little darts, destroying skin-supporting
collagen and elastin, but are destroyed to different antioxadants.  This is why akin care products that
incorporate as amny different kinds of antioxidants as possible are generally the most effective.

Polyphenols - Potent antioxidants that have been shown to neutralize free radicals generated from
inflammation.  Polyphenols may also be beneficial in protecting DNA from mutations that are associated
with skin cancers.  Polyphenols may also reverse skin dammage caused by sun exposure.

Vitamin C - A vitamin, also known as ascorbic acid, that is necessary for tissue growth and repair as well as
collagen formation.  One of the best free radical scavengers that seems to combat free radicals triggered
by both the body and the environment.  Vitamin C works synergistically with Vitamin E.
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