E Effulgere® Hydrating Eye Serum
  • Repairs damaged skin by increasing hydration
  • Enhances the skin's lipid barrier
  • Brightens the skin
  • Improves skin texture and tone
  • Reduces trans-epidermal water loss while
    allowing the skin to "breathe" naturally
  • Contains an array of natural antioxidants to trap
    free-radicals and to protect skin cells
  • Combines with your natural skin oils to form a
    non-greasy lipid layer to protect your skin
  • Provides mild skin exfoliation
Effulgere® Hydrating Eye Serum utilizes advanced technology to
attain the goal of beauty that Cleopatra was seeking via milk baths.
Cleopatra took frequent milk baths to achieve
and maintain beautiful skin.  She knew that
milk baths were instrumental in attaining this
goal.  Now though modern chemistry we know
why milk baths worked for Cleopatra.  Her
desired results were attained because of the
lactic acid in the milk which provided mild
exfoliation, promoted cell renewal, and
stimulated collagen synthesis.
Effulgere® Eye Serum contains isoamyl lactate which penetrates into the skin and assists in delivering the powerful
array of natural antioxidants present in the formulation.  This delivery system is a key element in attaining the
unrivaled results in skin beautification that Effulgere® Eye Serum provides.  In addition to this, after penetrating the
skin the isoamyl lactate hydrolyzes to form lactic acid
"in situ" within the skin.  Lactic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid
which provides mild skin exfoliation as it did for Cleopatra.  It also promotes skin cell renewal and stimulates
collagen synthesis.  However, Effulgere® Eye Serum attains this result much more efficiently and to a greater level
than was possible for Cleopatra without the assistance of our unique approach.
Effulgere® Eye Serum provides a high
powered milk bath for your eyes plus much

It also contains a super critical carbon
dioxide extract of rosemary which contains
a powerful combination of antioxidants,
including carnosic acid, which traps free
radicals and help to protect skin cells.  
These antioxidants provide unsurpassed
level of antioxidant capacity for keeping
free radicals is check.
Effulgere® Eye Serum utilizes a combination of carrier oils which are comprised of jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, and
walnut oil.  This carrier oil system combines with natural skin oils to form a non-greasy lipid layer to protect and
rejuvenate the skin around the eyes.  It can also be used with excellent results on the lips.  Effulgere® Eye Serum
is quickly absorbed into the skin without an oily residue lingering on the surface.  This allows the skin around the
eyes and lips to be hydrated while maintaining a natural feel and look.  Trans-epidermal water loss is also
minimized while allowing the skin to "breathe"naturally.
Scientifically Based,
Clinically Tested,
Aesthetically Proven
It is said that “the eyes are the gateway to the soul”.  Studies confirmed that people first look at our face and then
focus on the eyes.  The eyes and periorbital skin are of critical importance to one's overall aesthetic appearance.   
A daily skin regimen is essential for those who want to maintain healthy, refreshed skin and protect their
"investment" after aesthetic procedures.  Effulgere Hydrating Eye Serum protects the skin from further damage
from ultraviolet exposure, reduces the formation of free radicals, enhances the skin's lipid barrier, brightens the
skin, and improves skin texture and tone.
The Effects of Aging
As one ages, physiologic functions of the skin (temperature regulation,
sensory perception, cell replacement, and immunologic processes, and
DNA repair) can be reduced as much as 60%.  In aging skin, matrix
metalloproteinases are stimulated by increased sun exposure and skin
metabolism weakens collagen in the dermal layer of the skin with less
collagen being produced.  Anti--aging treatments (skin rejuvenation
creams) stimulate fibroblast collagen production to break the cycle and
slow the aging process.
How Effulgere Hydrating Eye Serum Works
Scientifically based and clinically proven, Effulgere Hydrating Eye Serum is
specifically formulated to selectively target the following critical areas to obtain
maximum results.

Jojoba oil acts as an effective moisturizer to create an environment which repairs
damaged stratum corneum (top layer the skin) by increasing the level of hydration.  
It interacts with the natural sebum of your skin and forms a very thin, non-greasy
lipid layer.  This lipid layer is partially porous and allows your skin to "breathe" while
providing moisture control.

Rosemary extract and its associated flavonoids and polyphenols neutralize free
radicals and protect cells from the waste products of cellular metabolism and the
stress associated with photo damage caused by exposure to the sun.

Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant which tends to decrease ultraviolet induced skin
irritation by neutralizing free radicals.

The alpha hydroxyl acid amyl lactate promotes cell renewal by stripping away the
dead cell layer of the skin and stimulating collagen formation in the dermis.
Effulgere Hydrating Eye Serum can be used by patients once or twice daily for
optimal results.  Make up can easily be applied within  2-3 minutes of applying
Effulgere Hydrating Eye Serum to the peri-orbital skin around the eyes.  Despite its
potency, Effulgere eye serum is well tolerated by even those of the most sensitive
skin.  Many patients have confided that the also apply Effulgere Hydrating Eye
Serum to their lips to reduce "lipstick bleed" and to attain a higher level of
moisturization than would otherwise by possible.  Many patients observe an
improvement in the beauty of their skin within a relatively short time frame
How to Use Effulgere Hydrating Eye Serum
Effulgere Hydrating Eye Serum
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