Healthy Skin
Cosmeceuticals such as Effulgere® products are an important component of any
comprehensive skin rejuvenation program.  Skin rejuvenation procedures improve
the overall appearance of the skin by achieving a more freshened skin appearance
and restoring elasticity.  While they do not have the same effect as surgery, they
often prolong the time until a facelift is needed.  To clarify, surgery takes away "sags
and bags" while skin rejuvenation minimizes wrinkles and pores, and improves the
tone and texture of the skin.  Today, our advanced techniques allow us to tailor a
skin rejuvenation program specifically designed to match your skin type, lifestyle,
general health, and desires.  In customizing a skin rejuvenation program to meet an
individual’s needs these factors must be taken into account.
Aging Process
In order to understand how skin rejuvenation
techniques work, it is essential to understand the
aging process.  As we age, a number of things
happen.  Our skin loses moisture and elasticity, fat
redistributes, muscles and skin become more lax,
and bones start to reabsorb.  Wrinkles (rhytids) are
the first signs of this aging process.  The skin folds
or "bags" are the most advanced signs, which
require removal of the excess skin.
How to use Effulgere® skin cream
  • In the morning and at bedtime, gently
    wash your face with a mild cleanser and
    pat dry.
  • Apply a pea-sized amount (1/4 inch in
    diameter) of Effulgere® to each of the four
    quadrants of your face (forehead, cheeks,
    and chin) and gently massage.  You may
    detect a mild medicinal smell and
    experience a slight ‘tingling” sensation,
    both of which will quickly dissipate.
  • After applying Effulgere® in the morning,
    you can continue with your normal
    makeup routine.
  • After applying Effulgere® at bedtime you
    can enjoy a restful night of sleep knowing
    that no other products or moisturizers are
    necessary, only Effulgere®!
Skin Care Tips when using Effulgere
While using Effulgere® you can continue your routine skin care program and to use the makeup of your choice.

While Effulgere® does contain strong antioxidants and alpha-hydroxy acids, it is recommended to continued use
of a sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) that provides protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

Facial products which contain stringent or menthol may cause irritation to your skin and should be avoided.  Also,
keep hair dye and permanent wave solutions off your face, as these agents may cause skin irritation.  
Electrolysis, hair depilatories and waxing of your facial skin may cause irritation and should be used with extreme
caution.  If skin irritation develops as a consequence of any of these irritants immediately discontinue use and
contact your doctor.

What to Expect
In the first 1-2 months you should begin to notice that your skin has a softer texture and is becoming smoother.
By months 3-4 frequently fine facial wrinkles begin to diminish and areas of irregular pigmentation begin to
lighten. By this time, an overall improvement in the texture, appearance, and tone of the skin is generally
observed.  Typically, continued improvement is experienced for months to come.
Let Effulgere® Awaken the Sleeping Beauty in You!
One of the secrets to beauty is healthy, attractive skin.  While we cannot stop the aging process, there are things
that we can do on a daily basis to revitalize and refreshen our skin.  Attractive skin, more than any other single
factor, serves to enhance one’s overall beauty and attractiveness. The word effulgere in Latin means "to cause to
shine with abundance of light; to radiate; to beam".  We believe this name symbolizes beautiful skin.

Working together a leading cosmetic surgeon and a research chemist invented the proprietary technology behind
this newly developed line of advanced skin rejuvenation creams.  These formulations are based on a unique
combination of chemical components that includes technically advanced anti-oxidants for more dramatic results.  
Our testing has shown that despite the dramatically increased potency, these rejuvenation creams can be used
daily even by those with the most delicate and sensitive skin.
Effulgere® and Effulgere® PM provide a combination
of advanced ingredients which are formulated to work
synergistically to refreshen and beautify your skin.  
Effulgere® and Effulgere® PM are specially
formulated to provide protection and beautification
day and night.  Utilizing a proprietary formulation,
these creams are able to achieve maximum
effectiveness.  Advanced antioxidants not only protect
the skin, but work to restore skin texture and tone.

Effulgere® and Effulgere® PM can be used in
combination with your current skin care program.  
However, we find that most patients believe that
Effulgere® and Effulgere® PM used in tandem on a
daily basis is all they need for a total skin rejuvenation
Some patients are able to use Effulgere® Plus or Effulgere® Ultra in place of standard Effulgere in such synergistic
skin treatment programs.  In such cases the patient would use Effulgere® Plus or Effulgere® Ultra in the morning
and then use Effulgere® PM in the evening.
Skin Rejuvenation Techniques
Skin rejuvenation can be divided into different categories - light, medium, and deep treatments.  Light treatments
involve lotions and creams.  These are physically applied on a daily basis and have the advantage of no "down
time" for convalescence.  One can apply these lotions and continue their normal daily and social activities without
any interruption.  The objective of this first level of skin rejuvenation is to provide a more refreshed appearance to
the skin and also, over time, remove some of the more superficial skin contouring aging changes such as minor
pigmentation, scaling, and very fine wrinkling.
Effulgere® skin cream can be used to moisturize and refreshen skin that has
been damaged by exposure to the elements, sunlight or which has simply
been affected by intrinsic aging.  In some cases, Effulgere® skin cream
lightens age spots and other types of blemishes associated with aging.

It is normally a difficult proposition for water-soluble ingredients, such as
ascorbic acid, because the stratum cornea is an excellent water barrier.  The
key to the effective action of Effulgere® is based upon the attaining a good
dispersion of beneficial agents which are both water soluble and oil based in
the skin cream.  These beneficial ingredients include vitamin C, vitamin E, a
soluble zinc compound, ethyl lactate, phenylalanine, and an array of powerful
antioxidants (carnosic acid, rosmanol, and galdosol).

Effulgere® facial cream was invented after many years of research and
testing and is covered by a number of foreign
patents and pending United
States patents.
Aging Skin Changes
During the aging process, the top layer
of the skin (stratum corneal), which is a
layer of dead skin cells, builds up and
thickens. When this happens, our skin
can develop a sallow look and small
"expression lines" can develop.  In
addition to this, there is a gradual
breakdown of collagen and elastic
fibers in deeper layers of the skin.   
Sun exposure or "photo aging" can
dramatically increase the breakdown of
elastic tissues and can lead to skin
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Effulgere® Eye Serum delivers
amazing results for the soft
skin under the eyes and also
can be used to quickly and
effectively moisturize dry lips.
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