At Ad Lunam Labs we pride ourselves on providing you with the most advanced
scientifically based products to beautify and rejuvenate your skin.  Our scientists and
physicians are continually developing and refining new preparations for skin
beautification and enhancement.  If you would like to participate in our product
evaluation process and/or in some of our clinical trials, please complete our
Skin Care
Questionnaire.  We will keep your personal health information confidential.  When we
have products or studies that call for someone with your skin type and skin "history", we
will contact you by e-mail.  
[More on Product Evaluations & Clinical Trials]

As part of our "research and development team", we will periodically contact you to
solicit your opinions and periodically provide you with updates on health, beauty, and
anti-aging topics that we think may interest you.
At Ad Lunam Labs research is an ongoing activity
which is never done.
In a fast changing, dynamic industry such as ours we must
continually develop and improve the quality and the range of
our products.  This is necessitated not only by our continuing
innovation, improved technology and expanded scientific
knowledge, but also by changing customer preference and

Ad Lunam Labs Research and Development is composed of
premier medical doctors and research chemists using our
state of the art techniques.  Their goal being to combine the
knowledge of modern medicine with the scientific
breakthroughs of today and tomorrow in order to enhance the
lives of our customers.  We strive to create the appropriate
product solution for the specific customer need.  This is why
we are always encouraging customer feedback and
participation in this process.
The research staff at Ad Lunam Labs is always
happy to accept advice and suggestions from our
customers about potential improvements to our
existing products or new product needs.  As a
matter of fact we highly encourage such
interaction.  At Ad Lunam Labs we are driven by
one goal to combine science and medicine to
make your life better.
Research and development is by definition future
oriented.  We recently introduced Effulgere® eye
serum and currently have several products under
development.  More specifically, we have a bath
and body line in of products under development
and are also evaluating new technology for use in
the treatment of acne.
At Ad Lunam Labs we pride ourselves on
consistently providing the most scientifically
advanced skin rejuvenation products available to
attain the most beautiful, healthy skin possible.
As always,
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The dramatic improvement in the beauty of facial
skin that can be attained by using Effulgere® skin
care products can be quantified using the Visia®
Complexion Analysis System developed by
Canfield Scientific, Inc.  Ad Lunam Labs uses this
system to monitor progress by measuring skin
texture, wrinkles, UV spots, color spots, pores,
and porphyrins.  The level of enhancement in
skin quality which can be attained within a
relatively short time period frequently proves to
be quite dramatic.