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Effulgere® post-surgical skin care kits,
Our Products
Our Effulgere® and VerVeris® lines of skin rejuvenation
creams are designed primarily to revitalize and beautify
facial skin to create a smoother and more youthful
appearance.  Our Effulgere® and VerVeris® lines of facial
skin creams are primarily sold through medical doctors,
such as plastic surgeons and dermatologists.  VerVeris®
skin creams are formulated to provide skin protection and
revitalization for men.  Effulgere® and VerVeris® skin
creams can be used to moisturize and beautify skin that
has been damaged by exposure to the elements, sunlight,
or which has simply been affected by intrinsic aging.
They can also be used to maintain beautiful skin tone
and texture over the years.  In some cases, these skin
creams also lightens age spots and other types of
blemishes associated with aging.
The key to the effective action of Effulgere® and VerVeris® skin
creams is based upon the delivery of beneficial agents to the skin.  
These beneficial agents include an array of antioxidants, Vitamin C,
Vitamin E, a soluble zinc compound, and phenylalanine.  These
products were invented after many years of research and testing and
are the subject of issued patents in the United States and foreign
The extraordinary results that can be achieved using our skin rejuvenation
creams also flow from the high level of carnosic acid used in their formulation.  
Carnosic acid is a phenolic diterpene.  It occurs naturally in plants of the
Libiatae family. For instance, carnosic acid is a constituent of Rosmarinus
officinalis (rosemary) where it is mainly found in the leaves. Dried leaves of
rosemary typically contain between 1.5% and 2.5% carnosic acid and about
0.3% to 0.4% carnosol which is also an antioxidant. Rosmanol and
rosmaridiphenol are present in smaller concentrations. Carnosic acid is also
found in thyme, sage, and marjoram.  It was discovered by Linde in Salvia
officinalis [Helv. Chim Acta 47, 1234 (1962)] and by Wenkert et al. in
Rosmarinus officinalis [J. Org. Chem. 30, 2931 (1965)]. It was then positively
identified in various other species of sage, such as for example Salvia
canariensis [Savona and Bruno, J. Nat. Prod. 46, 594 (1983)] or Salvia
willeana [de la Torre et al., Phytochemistry 29, 668 (1990)].

Carnosic acid is a powerful antioxidant [Brieskorn and Domling, Z. Lebensm.
Unters. Forsch. 141, 10 (1969)] and, according to a number of Russian works
is also an effective antibiotic against Staphylococcus aureus [CA 86, 117603r;
90, 49011b; 97, 67513r, 69163a, 69164b; 104, 221930w; 111, 130594t] and
Post-Surgical Kits
is also effective against certain microorganisms responsible
for dental caries and bad breath [CA 97, 84835q].

Carnosic acid is incorporated into Effulgere® and VerVeris®
skin creams by incorporating a high level of rosemary extract
into their formulations.  The rosemary extract used is
recovered from rosemary leaves using an advanced carbon
dioxide extraction process.  This extraction process also
results in a significant level of carnosol, rosmanol, and
rosmaridiphenol (additional beneficial antioxidants) being
present in our skin creams.

The benefits of rosemary with respect to the preservation of
health and beauty have been appreciated throughout
history.  Today these benefits are captured in Effulgere® and
VerVeris® skin cream more effectively than ever before using
the advanced scientific techniques developed by Ad Lunam
The word "Effulgere" means "to shine forth" in Latin.
Exposure to sunlight that is
encountered from playing sports,
working outdoors or just being in
the sun with family and friends can
take a toll on facial skin. This can
lead to advanced aging and other
dermatologic problems.  VerVeris®
tskin cream was developed fight
these problems and to attain and
maintain younger appearing
healthy skin.  VerVeris® uses
potent antioxidants and other
proprietary formulations to help
provide protection from the
elements as well as to maximized
skin rejuvenation.
Effulgere Post-Operative Kits provide patients with the
items that they need for a quick recovery and a better
overall result.  Our post-operative kits make the
convalescence period easier and allow patients to
look better faster.  Our postoperative kits also make
most patients feel more comfortable in quickly
returning to their normal lifestyle than would otherwise
be possible.
post-operative skin care creams, skin moisturizing creams,
and eye and hair revitalizing and moisturizing serums,
VerVeris® skin rejuvenation cream, and Vaha veterinary
and pet care products.
The Effulgere® line of skin cream creams are formulated primarily as a facial
rejuvenation creams.  However, they may also be applied to skin on other
areas of the human body as needed to attain a high level of moisturization
and revitalization.  For instance, it is typically applied to the neck and
décolleté in addition to the face.  Effulgere® skin cream is a product that
utilizes the power of rosemary extract which is attained via a super critical
carbon dioxide extraction process.  The results that can be achieved in
attaining beautiful skin with Effulgere® can be depicted as being amazing.
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